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Beauty Beyond Media Ideals

Hey girl! Have you ever looked at people on social media and in magazines and felt a little down about your own body? It's totally okay — lots of us have felt that way too! The thing is, believing in this "ideal" body shape or size means thinking that there's only one type of body that's supposed to be beautiful. It's like having a super skinny waist, or the flattest tummy, or the longest legs. But guess what? That's not the whole picture!

Thinking that there's only one specific body type that's beautiful is a misstep because it can make you feel like there's only one kind of body worthy of love, praise, and happiness. But the truth is, beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors!

So why do we fall into this body image trap? Here's why:

Peer pressure: Middle school can be tough, and we all feel like we have to fit in and look a certain way just to feel okay.

Media influence: On social media, we see all these pictures that make us think there’s only one type of beauty. It makes us feel like we have to match those standards to be pretty and fit in.

Lack of different beauty: Most of the time, we only see one kind of beauty in media. It's hard for us to see ourselves in those images, and it makes us think our bodies aren't good enough.

Perfection: We see models without any pimples. It makes us think there's something wrong with us if we have pimples and acne.

Redefining beauty is so important! We need to learn to love and celebrate our own unique physical traits, whether it's our body shape, our skin color, our curly hair, or any defining feature that makes us special. Instead of trying to match society's standards of beauty, let's start celebrating all the different shapes and sizes out there. When we do, we can feel truly awesome about who we are.

Keep remembering that your unique qualities are what makes you beautiful, and what the world needs to see! Embracing all kinds of beauty— no matter the shape, size, color—is what really matters. So, be proud of your fabulous self, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!


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