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Izzy's Back to School Homework Study Tips...

Some of you may be new to my scene, so I thought it would be helpful to answer a few short interview questions to help you get to know a little about me...

Can you tell us about the inspiration behind your book, "When in Doubt...Don't Freak Out! A Middle Schooler's Guide to Building Successful Study Skills"? What motivated you to write it? Sure! Last year was a tough year for homework. I struggled and freaked out more than once over a hard test...mostly in math! I knew that many of my friends had some major homework meltdowns too! I worked hard to find solutions to help me get through homework without ruining my mood or feeling defeated when I was trying to learn a new concept that didn't make sense at first, so I wanted to share what I learned and help other kids avoid some of the frustrations I felt.

In your book, you address the topic of building successful study skills specifically for middle schoolers. Why did you choose this age group, and what unique challenges do they face when it comes to studying? I chose middle schoolers and soon to be middle schoolers because that's when homework starts to be more challenging and I think it's important to build life skills now that will help in middle school, high school, and whatever life holds for us beyond graduation.

What are some key study strategies or techniques that you recommend to middle schoolers in your book? Could you share a few tips that have proven to be particularly effective? Thank you for asking! Of course I can share some of the tips I share. Without going into too much detail here, one of the most powerful parts of the book is teaching kids how to use a journal to help them find what works for them. I challenge my readers to use the journal prompts at the end of each chapter to help them implements the study tips I share like:

  • setting goals

  • getting organized

  • asking for help

  • practicing self-care, and

  • celebrating your wins

Middle school can be a challenging time for many students, both academically and emotionally. How does your book address the emotional aspects of studying and managing stress? Are there any specific strategies you suggest for coping with stress during this period? Well, it is a crazy time with our hormones going crazy. Sometimes what was easy the day before seems impossible the next day. The swing of emotions can be hard to manage, for sure! I don't specifically talk about mood swings and our changing bodies and brains, but I do suggest asking for help when you need it and some easy ways to do it. Mental health is really important and should be proactive in making sure we get the help and support we need from parents and teachers.

As an author and influencer, what do you hope readers will take away from your book? What impact do you envision it having on middle schoolers as they navigate their academic journeys? Good question! Originally this was going to be a summer project with my Yaya (grandmother) and we were doing it for fun. But, as we started researching, we found out there really wasn't any tool to teach kids about good study skills. I'm lucky! I go to a private school that focuses on leadership and entrepreneurship. We focus on goal setting and study habits. But I know some kids who go to public school who don't get the same level of attention or instruction. Lots of kids have been struggling since the big COVID shutdown and I just wanted to share my experience to help kids get back on track. We all deserve the chance to catch up and succeed. So, if I can make someone's life easier by sharing my struggles and how I overcame them, I want to do that. I hope that gave you some insight into who I am and what I'm about. Please join me on this journey of building better life habits to make school easier and homework time less stressful. I promise to share more of my journaling habits and stress busting routines. If you have questions or comments, leave them below and I will be sure to respond to you!


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